Monthly Archives: September 1992


1. It is not a good thing for people to float through life answering only the scrutiny of their own review. 2. The best accountability has a runway in front and in back of the hard questions. That runway is mutual respect and deep acceptance. 3. Accountability only works if […]

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There Are No ‘Scratch and Win’ Plans for Life

We live in a culture full of people looking for instant success – the one right move to take us over the top. It’s why you know someone who has fallen for a pyramid scheme and why you’ve bought a Powerball ticket. I don’t think it is because we are […]

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Write it down.

If you make a promise, book it in your calendar or to-do list. Give yourself a reminder of your commitment. Quite often we simply get too busy or just plain forget what we promised, even though our intention wasn’t to drop the ball. It’s a symptom of a busy lifestyle. […]

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