Monthly Archives: February 1993

Terms of Agreement

[A]ccording to the law. . . . who keep his statutes. . . . walk in his ways. . . . laid down precepts. . . . obeying your decrees. . . . consider all your commands. . . . according to your word. PSALM 119:1-9 A friend told the […]

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More than One Dimensional

Stepping Stone One leads us to recognize that today’s competitive market requires a leader to be more than one-dimensional. I love the harsh realism of the commercial markets. It has a way of separating the professor of theory and the practitioner of reality. Or, as the old philosopher said, “A […]

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Heartfelt Conversations with a Loving God

Introduction to the Psalms Theologian Harry A. Ironside once addressed his Chicago congregation with a word of caution about the Book of Psalms. To Jews and followers of Jesus, he acknowledged, it is likely that “no portion of Holy Scripture” has carried more meaning throughout the centuries than this book […]

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Learning to Hear God

It’s never too early or too late to learn the skill and discipline of hearing the whisper of God’s voice. All of life cannot come down to “rock-paper-scissors” decision-making. That’s the game children play when they find themselves unable to make a choice about something. And although few adults would […]

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Taking Action

There is no doubt that we all want to feel valued by others and by the organizations in which we belong. Deep down all people want to feel that they matter—and they do, because they have dignity as human beings. We exert the Power of One when we intentionally act […]

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Go For The Long Tail: Perspective Changes Everything

“Try not to become a man of success but a man of value.” – Albert Einstein In 2008 Chris Anderson, editor for Wired magazine, wrote a provocative book called The Long Tail: Why The Future of Business is Selling Less of More. It quickly became a New York Times best […]

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