Monthly Archives: March 1993

Guarding Your Heart

Listen, my son, and be wise, and keep your heart on the right path. PROVERBS 23:19 The workplace is fraught with obstacles that can knock our hearts off the right path. There are opportunities to covet our coworkers’ positions and envy their possessions. There are opportunities to flirt with or […]

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It has always been the one great ideal of my life to be of the greatest good to the greatest number of my people possible.—George Washington Carver

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The Character of an Organization

If generosity is a quality of personhood, that begs a question: what does it mean to affirm that an organization—say, a business with a giving plan, a do-gooder nonprofit, or a church with an outreach to the community—is generous? Is it absurd to even make the assertion? Can an organization […]

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7. Owning Up

You work at a local auto body shop. A family comes in to drop off their SUV for damages and repairs. Though they called you two weeks ago, you forgot to order the parts so that they would be waiting for the appointment and the family could get their car […]

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Financial Strategy

Finally, when it comes to test-driving your strategy, follow the money. Put the strategy through its economic paces with projections and analysis. As you do so, be careful of the age-old blind spot of being too conservative with expenses (It will not cost us that much) and too liberal with […]

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