Monthly Archives: June 1994

Everybody’s Blind Spot

Tim Keller, founding pastor of the influential Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, says, As a pastor I’ve had people come to me and confess that they struggle with almost every kind of sin. Almost. I cannot recall anyone ever coming to me and saying, “I spend too much […]

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29. Babysitter Troubles

Your regular babysitter is great with your two young children and regularly encourages them to be kind, share, etc. Last week, however, you saw her steal a sweater at a local store. You have never had a better babysitter, but you are concerned about the example she is setting for […]

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The Picture of Roots

The story of Ruthie is a grand picture of someone with roots. And none were stronger than Community. Community necessarily has a geographic element to it. It is a place. Roots need locale. We may think social media and virtual communications can substitute for real neighbors, but Ruthie didn’t buy […]

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Read My Lips

. . . who keeps his oath even when it hurts. PSALM 15:4 When promises are made today, it often seems there is an unspoken but fully understood rider attached to the contract. This rider says that the promise counts only if it’s convenient. So breaking promises—be they wedding vows […]

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