Monthly Archives: August 1994

Skinny Down and Hang On

Lane Hutchins stuck her head in her son’s bedroom doorway and said hi. Fifteen-year-old Ryan quickly minimized the screen on his computer. The look on his face spelled guilt. Uh-oh. Lane stepped into the room at once to investigate. Was her son viewing porn? Chatting with some nefarious character? Playing […]

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What’s the Plan?

I cry out to God Most High, to God, who fulfills [his purpose] for me. PSALM 57:2 So your life is filled with trouble. So you have problems. So you have enemies at work who pursue you with tongues as sharp as swords. So you can’t finish everything on deadline. […]

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Receivers into Givers

Finally, a reminder. In any healthy economy, there is mobility where people at the bottom are moving into the higher ranges. That’s true in the economy of generosity as well. We need to remember that a particular flow of generosity is not meant to last perpetually. It’s meant to resolve […]

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Spreading the Bounty

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress. JAMES 1:27 We live in a wealthy society. The rate and volume of wealth being produced in the modern world is staggering. The blessing and bounty trickles down to […]

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Gratuitous Pleasure

“I will test . . . pleasure. …” But that also proved to be meaningless. ECCLESIASTES 2:1 If wisdom and knowledge don’t give us a tremendous sense of meaning and hope, maybe we ought to pursue something that is a lot easier to acquire. Maybe, instead of trying so hard […]

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23. School Ties

You are the boss of a small company, and one of your employees lives in the country several miles away. She works overtime several days a week and often brings in her son to work after he finishes preschool. In filling out forms for her son to go to elementary […]

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