Monthly Archives: December 1996


As Special Council to the President Charles Colson lived in a world of power, and the misuse of that available authority landed him in prison. Colson landed his dream job—that as one of four special aids to President Nixon—in 1969. He was named the liaison between outside interest groups and […]

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A promise holds intrinsic value to the one who receives it. Like a certificate of deposit, or a stock certificate, it is backed by the resources of the issuer. It’s not a flippant comment made in haste. Nor is it a tool to garner trust during a sales pitch—that’s a […]

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Making Evaluation

I remember the very first time I used a GPS. I had flown into Washington, D.C., and had very little time to spare. The rental car company I normally used was out of cars so I moved up and down the counter looking for anyone who had an unclaimed vehicle. […]

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I Want To Be Known

We want to be known. By God. By ourselves. By others. We don’t just want to be known, though. We want to be known AND loved. We want someone to look at us, see who we really are, and not only accept what they see, but to find it pleasing. […]

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Leaders who win the respect of others are the ones who deliver more than they promise, not the ones who promise more than they can deliver. – Mark Clement

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