Monthly Archives: December 1997

Did You See That, God?

Why, O LORD, do you stand far off? Why do you hide yourself in times of trouble? PSALM 10:1 For such a personal God, a God who allows us into an intimate relationship with Him, God sometimes can seem extremely distant. In describing the wicked man, David tells us, “His […]

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If you removed material items, career achievements, and recreational goals from your goals in life, what would be left? 2. What are you looking to accomplish in the areas of … Character maturity? Competence Development? Impact on people? Family? 3. Many companies hire consulting firms to complete long-term planning and […]

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Taking Action

In the movie “Sandlot,” Rodriguez provides some insight into five key concepts that make the transformation possible. ● Have a contagious passion for the game ● Champion the strengths of the team ● Compensate for weaknesses ● Allow the freedom to fail ● Keep the learning curve high ● Have […]

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