Monthly Archives: February 1999


Swiss philosopher Henri Frederic Amiel stated, “He who floats with the current, who does not guide himself according to higher principles, who has no ideal, no convictions—such a man is a mere article of the world’s furniture—a thing moved, instead of a living and moving being—an echo, not a voice.” […]

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Yellow Light, Red Light

Everyone should be . . . slow to become angry. . . . get rid of all moral filth. JAMES 1:19, 21 A yellow traffic light is a warning: Caution, slow down. Here, James instructs us to drive slowly into anger. Don’t be a quick trigger or easily angered, he […]

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The Benefits of Work

All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty. PROVERBS 14:23 When your alarm goes off at 6:00 on Monday morning after a hectic weekend, you may find it difficult to remember why you go to work. Why is it, you wonder, that I can’t stay […]

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