Monthly Archives: July 2016

How To Avoid Underexposure

How many of your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections, etc., think differently from you? Are all your friendship circles a “footprint of one”? In other words, are all of your friends/followers/connections generally the same person with very little diversity? Some years ago I remember being on a panel and […]

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How to Achieve Greatness

The forging of steel is neither pretty work nor easy work. It is dirty and sweltering and done at 3000+ degrees. The mill is usually a mammoth building, filled with suffocating heat and deafening noise. The hammering, the fire, the pressure, and the inspection are all done in the pursuit of […]

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3 Types of Leaders

Some core traits of a leader bleed across all archetypes. They’re universal and timeless. Other qualities and styles better fit certain leaders for certain seasons of their assignment. There are thousands of ways to classify leaders, their qualities, and the various organizational needs. In my coaching portfolio I usually keep […]

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