Monthly Archives: October 2016

Tip for Leaders: Hire Slow, Fire Fast

Most managers know the feeling—that potent mixture of embarrassment, pity, and frustration. It seems to start somewhere in your gut, and usually ends with a barely perceptible wince or sigh. Perhaps it came after a particularly tone-deaf comment or an awkward interaction with a client. Or, maybe it was a […]

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Tips for Making Difficult Decisions

Often, the most difficult decisions are not between black and white but between two shades of gray. A CEO friend who owns a family business is pondering firing his unethical sister. Another buddy is weighing a second chance for an underperforming best-friend employee who is dragging the company down. Or […]

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How Content Are You?

Have you seen anyone using one of these lately?  I have, and I’ve got to tell you, it caught me off guard. I sat down for a quick phone charge in the ATL airport between flights, and a nice fellow from a few decades back plopped down next to me […]

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