Monthly Archives: November 2016

The 5 Things You Need For A Thankful Heart

Can you remember the first television show you saw that featured food and cooking? Although the official Food Network did not start until April 19, 1993, there were a few early cooks in the kitchen broadcasting their savory delights. For example, Julia Child released a television special February 11, 1963, […]

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What It Really Takes to Thrive

Which is more valuable: IQ (Intelligence Quotient) or EQ (Emotional Quotient)? IQ is the intellectual ability to sort ideas, manage knowledge, and direct thoughts. EQ is the ability to manage relationships with other people. So which of the two is more important in getting hired and succeeding in your job? […]

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The Key to a Flourishing Mind

Stop. No, really, I want you to stop. Do you know how to? Stop mentally reviewing tomorrow’s to-do list. Stop replaying this morning’s meeting in your head. Just stop. Don’t stop reading, but stop spinning your wheels. In our world of speed and instant-everything, we too often consume books and […]

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