Monthly Archives: January 2017

4 Lessons in Leaving a Leadership Legacy

“Recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.” That’s what the inscription on Sam Walton’s grave reads. Not “Wal-Mart founder” or “Billionaire philanthropist” or “Man who transformed the modern economy” or “Everyday low prices.” Epitaphs always fascinate me because you see how people want to be remembered. Here are a few […]

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The Value of Collective Wisdom

We are enamored with experts and their expertise. Expert analysis from expert analysts. Expert testimony from expert witnesses. Expert advice from expert consultants. Given the choice, we nearly always seek the opinion of the expert. We want the expert, the guru, the genius, to weigh in, to point us in […]

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The 5 Causes of Failed Tasks

An entire industry has emerged to track and assist our progress in doing tasks. Fifteen years ago it was Franklin-Covey and Day Timer planners. Today there are apps like Omnifocus, Wunderlist,, and more—all seeking to save us, minute by minute and day by day, from task failure. Plus, there […]

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Seven Tips for 2017

Each year, I am a guest on a handful of podcasts. I love the format; it feels like a conversation between friends talking about things that matter most to me, to them, and/or things I am pondering and learning. My most recent podcast was a great example. It was with […]

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