Monthly Archives: May 2017

Coffee and the Kingdom: Why Churches Start Coffee Shops

why churches start coffee shops

“It’s not just coffee we’re selling.” So says a barista at a Charlotte coffee shop called The Third Place. She speaks for millions of people, and in a recent twist, millions of Christians. For decades, coffee shops have been the place for people to gather. Think Central Perk from Friends, or […]

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Living an Ordinary Life: Are you Missing Something?

I have a good friend who nearly died last year. From a medical perspective, he should have. He lived, though, and he told me not long ago about the odd experience of living when people thought he would die. People who see him now sometimes say something like, “God must […]

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Get Over Yourself – A Guide to Being a Thoughtful Leader

being a thoughtful leader

Spent and focused. Those two words describe me in an airport on a recent trip back home. Traveling home means I’ve spent the past 24-48 hours in intense meetings, problem-solving big issues with clients. So, when I get to the airport headed for home, I’m low in energy, brain power, […]

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