Monthly Archives: June 2017

How To Measure Success

A single black line at the bottom, regardless of its size, can no longer measure success. In truth, it never should have. Our whole world is quickly migrating toward an expectation that all efforts return something beyond a single bottom line. Sometime back I read Conscious Capitalism by John Mackey […]

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Wanted: Honest Opinions

The older I get the more I appreciate the trait of transparency. I want people around me who will tell it like it is. Not quite Ron Swanson level of straight talk, but straight talk nonetheless. For example, I recently needed to hire a new team member in one of […]

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Do You Have Founder’s Syndrome?

I’ve worked with hundreds of founders in my three-plus decades of executive advising. Men and women representing all shapes and sizes of organizations.  Massive nonprofits and hometown businesses, Fortune 100 companies and boot strapping start ups. I believe founders face some atypical challenges. I love founders. I love the risk […]

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