Monthly Archives: July 2017

Two Ingredients of Every Good Strategy

Usually, voices in your head are not a good thing, but I’ve learned about two that are. And they’re not the typical stereotype of competing voices in your head … When it comes to planning and strategy, there are two voices you always want to hold in tension. They’re the […]

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What’s Your Clout Category?

The best boxing movie ever made is…(drumroll please)… Cinderella Man. You might have thought I was going to say Rocky (or perhaps Rocky II, III, IV, V, or VI), but as much as I love a good Rocky Balboa vs. Apollo Creed showdown, I’m sold on Cinderella Man.  The movie […]

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Do strategy and Scripture have anything to do with each other? I’m convinced they do. Sometimes it is clearly stated in a single passage and other times it is embedded deep in the narrative or overall context. Too often we separate and compartmentalize the Scriptures from our real world of […]

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