Steve Graves

I Can’t Wait to Meet Grandma Lois

One of my favorite people in the Bible is Grandma Lois. When I get to heaven, she’s one of the first people I want to talk with. Sure, Grandma Lois isn’t as well known as her grandson Timothy, and she’s particularly less famous than her grandson’s mentor, Paul. But she […]

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6 Traits of an Excellent Worker

I’m not a soldier. No, Colonel Jessup, I’ve never picked up a weapon and stood a post. I’ve never fought in a great battle, never landed in hostile territory, and have never really worn a military uniform of any kind. I’m also not an especially gifted athlete. I crank out a few miles every week […]

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Why You Should Hire a B+ Candidate

The five-year plan is dead. That’s right, dead. Irrelevant. Obsolete. The five-year plan is to business strategy what the dial-up modem is to Internet access. You can keep using it, but you’re going to get left behind. Now, before all you Type-A folks out there start hyperventilating, let me explain. […]

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What Type of Contributor Are You?

In early June, Lincoln Riley got a new job. One of the most powerful, most storied, and most profitable college football programs in the country turned the reins over to 33-year-old Riley, who immediately became the youngest head coach in the country by two years. The question on the lips […]

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8 Steps to Handling a Workaround

I’ve come to believe every company does it. Even the really good companies. Sometimes intentionally and sometimes inadvertently. I am talking about the notorious “workaround.” In the name of progress, individuals and organizations engineer processes and systems that work around the employee, boss, founder, or team member who is too […]

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Two Ingredients of Every Good Strategy

Usually, voices in your head are not a good thing, but I’ve learned about two that are. And they’re not the typical stereotype of competing voices in your head … When it comes to planning and strategy, there are two voices you always want to hold in tension. They’re the […]

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