Leadership Development

The One Thing You Can’t Be an Effective Leader Without

Entire industries have developed around the exertion of influence. The lobbying industry tries to influence the government. Advertisers persuade consumers to spend their money on certain products or services. Politicians employ nationwide telemarketing campaigns to sway last-minute voters. Parents attend seminars aimed at influencing the way they influence their children. […]

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The 5 Causes of Failed Tasks

An entire industry has emerged to track and assist our progress in doing tasks. Fifteen years ago it was Franklin-Covey and Day Timer planners. Today there are apps like Omnifocus, Wunderlist,, and more—all seeking to save us, minute by minute and day by day, from task failure. Plus, there […]

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Seven Tips for 2017

Each year, I am a guest on a handful of podcasts. I love the format; it feels like a conversation between friends talking about things that matter most to me, to them, and/or things I am pondering and learning. My most recent podcast was a great example. It was with […]

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5 Ways to Grow Your Leaders

“At the end of the day, you bet on people, not on strategies.” –Larry Bossidy Every client I’ve had in the last decade eventually works around to the issue of “How do I improve the talent of my team?” In my experience, there are only three good ways to answer […]

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How To Avoid Underexposure

How many of your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections, etc., think differently from you? Are all your friendship circles a “footprint of one”? In other words, are all of your friends/followers/connections generally the same person with very little diversity? Some years ago I remember being on a panel and […]

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How to Achieve Greatness

The forging of steel is neither pretty work nor easy work. It is dirty and sweltering and done at 3000+ degrees. The mill is usually a mammoth building, filled with suffocating heat and deafening noise. The hammering, the fire, the pressure, and the inspection are all done in the pursuit of […]

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