May 16, 1997

Headed for Destruction?

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Pride goes before destruction.  PROVERBS 16:18

What does pride look like in your life?

“Wait a minute,” you might say. “I don’t have a problem with pride.”

No one’s accusing you of having a problem—not exactly. But take a careful look in the mirror. View your words and your actions—all of them—through the eyes of your coworkers, your spouse, your children, your close friends. Now answer the question again: What does pride look like in your life?

We’re not talking about that well-deserved feeling of accomplishment that sweeps over you when you complete a big project, land an important client, or close a big sale. There’s nothing wrong with that, as long as it doesn’t lead to a big head. But what about the subtle kind of pride that sneaks up on you and makes you do and say things you didn’t even know you were doing and saying?

Have you ever jokingly put down a coworker when he wasn’t there to defend himself? That was pride saying, “I’m better than he is.” Have you ever made sarcastic comments about a subordinate in front of her peers? That was arrogance saying, “She’s not worth much, is she?” Have you ever forced a colleague to drop what he was doing so that he could help you finish a project that you should have completed days ago? That was conceit saying, “My needs are more important than the needs of my coworkers.” Have you ever gotten irritated when someone else received well-deserved praise? That was vanity saying, “I deserve some recognition, too.” Do you ever act as if you’re the only one in the office who knows anything or the only one who can do your job? That’s self-satisfaction saying, “I’m really something, aren’t I?

What does pride look like in your life? Is it under control, or are you headed for destruction?

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