February 22, 1995

How Faith Works Through Trials

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In a book called Affliction, Edith Schaeffer calls the first two chapters of Job “a look behind heaven's curtain.” It's a fitting description. But did you ever stop to think about the fact that Job was not privy to such a peek? He had no clue his life was the key agenda item at a heavenly summit between God and Satan. He had no idea that God granted Satan permission to rock his life to its very foundation.

From Job's perspective, one day his life was going great; the next day, the bottom fell out of his world. He had no warning whatsoever.

Now fast-forward to the end of the book. After all was said and done, we're told, “The Lord blessed the latter part of Job's life more than the first” (Job 42:12). But we never find out why God allowed Satan to attack Job in the first place. Did He just feel like it? Did He want to prove a point to Satan? Was He trying to teach Job a lesson? We are given no explanation.

This is a rather difficult scenario for most of us to handle. Whenever something goes wrong, particularly at work, we automatically look for a discernible explanation. What did we do wrong? Is there something going on in the economy? Did someone make a bad business decision? Is a client upset with us? What's going on?

As we learn from Job's life, however, some things remain a mystery. Job never found out why he lost his first family, his business holdings, his home, and his health. And we may never find out why certain bad things happen to us.

Are you experiencing a trial in your life? Take comfort in knowing that God knows why. And even if that is the all comfort we have, that is comfort enough.

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