November 27, 2013

Meet Dave Blanchard and Praxis Labs

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Praxis Labs is a nexus of innovative and passionate young leaders dedicated to ushering in the common good. Each year, twelve businesses and twelve nonprofits are selected to take part in the Praxis Labs Accelerator programs, providing entrepreneurs with the chance of a lifetime: receive expert mentorship, interact with a community of peers, gain access to capital and receive hands on support to catalyze their cause.

Praxis has a proven methodology for helping entrepreneurs grow their organizations, harnessing a group of fellows second to none. They are a high-impact organization committed to fostering gospel-centered individuals.

Praxis Labs is a brilliant blend of multiple models. Rather than taking on an “either/or” approach, they boldly embrace the “both/and.” They have welded together business and faith, profit and generosity, training and implementation.

Since its inception in 2010, Dave Blanchard, Co-Founder and President, and the Praxis Team have walked alongside over twenty organizations.

So, how do they do it? Through the carefully coded DNA of the Nonprofit and Business

Accelerator flagship programs:

+ Mentorship & expertise

+ Action-oriented content

+ Peer community

+ Access to capital

+ Gospel-centered environment that encourages inner life development

At the core of the Praxis’ vision is their book From Concept To Scale: Creating a Gospel-minded Organization. I had the opportunity to co-write this training manual with Dave and Josh.

It is a wonderful tool for any entrepreneur looking to build a gospel-minded, high-performing organization.

Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to apply, a prospective donor, or an experienced mentor, don’t miss the opportunity Praxis provides to join the movement towards the common good.

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