April 3, 2014

Meet David Kinnaman and Barna

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To live in this world is to embrace change. To meet others where they are; to be in the culture but not of it. But this is becoming an increasingly difficult task in the digital age–never before have we had such a strong current of information on any given topic. At any given time. And submitted by anyone.


What values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors are trending among adults? Where do faith and culture intersect? Barna Group is endeavoring to find that out.


Barna provides powerful research, resources, and training within the sphere of faith and culture to churches, non-profits, businesses and leaders. A handful of Barna’s clients include: the Salvation Army, World Vision, SONY, the Gates Foundation, and NBC Universal.


Spend some time on the Barna website–it is packed with facts and articles that will aid anyone in navigating the complex and content-loaded culture we live in.


David Kinnaman serves as president and owner of Barna Group, and is a seventeen year veteran. They recently launched the Frames initiative, a powerful series on “10 Big Ideas for 2014”.



What Is FRAMES? from Barna Group on Vimeo.


I love this project–short reads on top issues. Quick, engaging, highly relevant and fact-driven. The resources Barna and Frames provides are tools that will help you achieve better reach and impact within your mission.


Check out Kinnaman’s bestsellers: You Lost Me and unChristian.


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