March 13, 2014

Meet Matt Mooney and 99 Balloons

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“Not a pulpit, not a slick presentation, not a best selling book. But a six pound boy with Trisomy 18. God found great pleasure to take a lowly thing in the eyes of the world, and show Truth.”


The 99 Balloons Story

Eliot gave his parents a passion to serve children with special needs and their families. And so in 2007, Matt Mooney and his wife Ginny founded 99 Balloons to do just that. Their first initiative–rEcess, a monthly respite program for children with special needs.


99 Balloons Promo Video from Echolite Media on Vimeo.


99 Balloons is both a local and global initiative. Locally, rEcess is hosted by churches and ran by volunteers in six states and Canada. Consider starting one in your area. Globally, the non-profit is comprised of trips and projects emphasizing education, employment, family support, health care, and orphan care.

99 BalloonsMooney sent a team of filmmakers to Uganda to document three powerful stories of those living with disabilities–a cause for marginalization in the region. Help raise awareness for this injustice by hosting a screening of the compelling documentary Notable. It is crucial that we tell stories in order to change stories.


I love the work Mooney is doing. He has combined his passions, experiences, talents, and resources into a project that holds great weight; that is creating Kingdom impact and bringing all of us into a needed dialogue.

   In his book, A Story Unfinished, Matt Mooney shares his journey of pain, redemption, and God’s goodness amidst it all. Share the 99 Balloons story with someone today.

99 Balloons


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