December 4, 2013

Meet Peter Greer and HOPE International

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As the parable goes: give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime. But what if after being taught, that man had no fishing pole–no net of resources with which to begin catching fish?

HOPE International, a nonprofit dedicated to “investing in the dreams of the poor” through a holistic approach of gospel-centered business training, saving, and microfinance, is providing the “fishing pole” for the impoverished.

Checkout the heartbeat of HOPE and microfinance:


Peter Greer, President and CEO of HOPE International, joined the tribe in 2004. Earlier this year, Peter and I shared the stage at an Austin conference. Peter is one of those leaders who gets the symbiotic rhythm of building yourself as a leader and building a world-renowned organizations all at the same time.

In an interview with Forbes, Greer shares his experiences working with the poor and HOPE’s core values, how “your help is hurting”, and how “business is the great equalizer”. Listen to it. It will revolutionize your ideas about giving to the poor. Business can and should be used as a platform to enable the impoverished to pull themselves out of poverty, with dignity, through hard work.

“Every single individual is created by a God who loves them, and that means there is worth and there is dignity and there is ability,” Greer said in the interview.

How powerful. This is the Lord God’s outlook, it is HOPE’s outlook, is it our own?

Give hope by giving to HOPE part of your time, resources, or prayers.

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