January 1, 2014

Meet Robin Bruce and the Acton MBA

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“Harness your restlessness. Supercharge your mission.”


If your immediate response is, “Yes! Steve, that is what I want…but how?” then you need to check out the Acton MBA in Entrepreneurship.

The Acton MBA is uniquely tailored for aspiring entrepreneurs; it is a holistic approach to learning, living with meaning, and succeeding in the arena of business.

Forbes highlights the program, noting, “The curriculum discards the traditional MBA silos of finance, accounting and marketing to revolve around the entrepreneurial cycle of creating, growing and selling a business”.

Jeff-Classroom.ACTONFor me, though, what makes Acton a premier business school is their commitment to excellence and intentionality in shaping their students into entrepreneurs of impact. Experienced, successful entrepreneurs engage students in challenging coursework designed to teach difficult, practical lessons and really focus on matters beyond just “headcount and profit and growth”.

Robin Bruce, a 2010 graduate of the program, came on board as CEO of the Acton School of Business just a few months ago. I recently had the opportunity to speak with her and hear her motivation for serving at Acton.

“I'm convinced that there is no greater lever for widespread change than business acting with Purpose. And at the heart of these businesses that are creating disruptive, industry-shaking change and resulting social impact are principled entrepreneurs. Being at Acton is a chance to stand at that fulcrum and help prepare these talented and dedicated students for extraordinary lives as principled entrepreneurs,” Bruce said.

Like all of the teachers at Acton, Bruce has real-world experience. What better way to learn the principles and skills necessary for successful entrepreneurship than to learn from those battle-scar-wearing-stronger-for-it-people who have already moved their ideas “from concept to scale”? Learn more about the accredited Acton MBA program here.

Know someone who might be a fit for Acton’s MBA program? You can nominate them here.

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