January 29, 2014

Meet Shannon Sedgwick Davis

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Driven. Dedicated. Self-less. Brave. Bold. And a passionate advocate.


A mere glimpse into the peace-promoting, world-shaking kaleidoscope of hope that is Shannon Sedgwick Davis.

Shannon Sedgwick Davis–CEO of the Bridgeway Foundation, attorney, advocate for social justice and international human rights, native Texan and mother of two young boys is making change happen.  

Davis played a strategic role in the hunt for Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony, who became an American household name with the Kony 2012 campaign.


“We cannot ignore this tragic evil that is human trafficking. There is a responsibility that each of us has in the matter of justice. To bring forward what we have, our skills, our attentions, our resources and our time to bear on this great problem. This is the grand opportunity that is being placed before you and before each of us–to serve those who suffer.” -Shannon Sedgwick Davis, TEDx


This San Antonian philanthropist not only fights human trafficking and takes down warlords, but she also keeps a regular journal for her two boys. She wants them to one day understand why their mother spends so much time away in Africa.


Davis is a fully engaged leader who leverages, sacrifices and takes chances in matters of eternity. Her involvement only makes things better, and I know she would be the first to tell you that it is the brave people of central Africa who are the true heroes.


“Shannon previously served as Vice-President of Geneva Global, and Director of Public Affairs at International Justice Mission. She is currently a board member of several organizations within the United States and abroad, including Humanity United, The Elders, and Toms Shoes.” Shannon also serves on the Board of Directors of Charity Water.


The Bridgeway Foundation Davis serves on is a “catalyst for hope and reconciliation throughout the world, working toward the prevention of oppression, genocide, and human rights violations”. Bridgeway provides financial partnership for organizations who share this same mission, vision, and values.

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