October 23, 2013

Meet Tara Russell of Create Common Good

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Approximately eighty thousand refugees fleeing from war, political or religious oppression are resettled in the U.S every year. Many lack English language skills, a support system and the skills needed to acquire a job. They arrive in the Land of Opportunity carrying the luggage of obscurity.


Tara Russell, CEO and founder of Create Common Good, saw the hunger for job-training and employment opportunities within the unemployed community of Boise, Idaho and she acted. Initially reaching out primarily to refugee groups, Tara soon began to serve numerous communities struggling against barriers to employment.


Through the universal language of food, Create Common Good is disrupting the cycle of poverty by creating self-sufficiency among those facing employment obstacles. With food-related training programs, both on the CCG farm and in the large commercial kitchen, CCG enables disadvantaged individuals to find jobs in the food-industry and regain the dignity of work.


Create Common Good is a social enterprise creating tidal waves of changes. I love their sustainable model and clever combination of non-profit and business, all while meeting pressing needs within the community. This model has incredible potential for replication in other U.S. cities where people struggle with poverty and unemployment.



Families. Business owners. Volunteers. Individuals and communities battling barricades to employment. Each an equally important component to the dynamic mechanism that is Create Common Good.  Each actively creating good in their community.


So how can you help foster the common good? Tell someone about CCG. Volunteer. Make a donation to CCG. Not in Boise? Share this blog. Consider partnering your business with them. CCG sells a variety of food products and services to food service institutions across the US.



Regardless of where you are, the disenfranchised are there with you. Opportunities of hope, of change, are available. But will we, like Tara Russell, create them?

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