February 12, 2014

Meet Will & Chris Haughey & Tegu

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With a deep desire to “address social problems by intelligently using resources” in Honduras, brothers and best friends Will and Chris Haughey created the incredibly innovative Tegu toy company.


Watch this video to see just what Tegu does:

Tegu couldn’t be a better example of a full on, organic, multiple bottom line enterprise. I love the fact that the two brothers have let their individual giftedness direct their involvement in the business rather than their personal ambition or passion. Will and Chris could be doing a whole bunch of other things, but Tegu is a missional-calling for them. A divine assignment they are completely committed to.


Tegu offers an incredibly high-end product that is “curiously attractive”. They are a successful, commercial player in today’s toy sector.


What resources around us could be waiting to be leveraged properly? How can we use our time, talents, and resources to be an influencer in the Kingdom of God?


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