February 24, 1998

Taking Action

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Have you ever needed guidance and direction because of these situations?
● We find ourselves lost!
● We get confused and overwhelmed!
● We get stuck in the ditch.
● We forget our original plan, path and get distracted.
● We need to know what is true, right, and good!

2.What do you traditionally use to help you navigate your journey?

Every compass is designed to point North. The value of the compass hinges on the consistency of it pointing to the North!

The Golden Rule acts as that Moral North. It is a consistent landmark to guide us and give us our bearings. While attending graduate school, I commuted to Dallas, Texas, for my classes. The school was located in-between the Baylor Medical Center and an old, windowless, brown office tower owned by a telecommunications company. Each building was more than 20 stories tall and formed a towering presence in the neighborhood. Downtown Dallas could be seen in the distance, but was still a few miles away. The school was nestled in-between these two buildings and surrounded by a several blocks of one-story houses, businesses, and fast-food restaurants.

While attending classes for several years, I would journey out into the nearby community to eat, shop, or meet someone for an appointment. The neighborhood was a combination of one-way streets and contained a couple of streets that reversed directions in a few lanes in the morning and evening to accommodate the commuters. Needless to say, I found myself confused on several occasions during my time in school.

I figured out pretty quickly that whenever I got lost, all I needed to do was look for my two buildings. After finding the Baylor Medical Center, and the brown, windowless telecommunications building, I simply drove toward them. It was a great plan because I could always see them towering over the neighborhood. They never moved. Time and time again they proved faithful to me.

How we need such an ethical landmark today. The Golden Compass is designed to consistently lead us to what is good, right, and true, by using the Golden Rule as its “true north.” The Golden Rule is our landmark. It stands firm as a tested and accepted beacon, pointing the way to ethical success. So when the circumstance of ethical fog blinds us we go for our Golden Compass and ask, “How would I like to be treated in this situation?”

Why is the Golden Rule a landmark to guide us?

● It is unchanging. No matter what the situation, treating someone the way you would want to be treated is steady.

● It is universal. No matter when, where, or what, all people want to be treated right.

● It is objective. Treating others as you want to be treated is an objective test of our motives and actions.

How has the Golden Rule helped you make a decision when you were cloudy, confused, or just plain ole lost?

You have riches and freedom here but I feel no sense of faith or direction. –Lech Walesa

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