December 14, 1997


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If you removed material items, career achievements, and recreational goals from your goals in life, what would be left?

2. What are you looking to accomplish in the areas of …

Character maturity?

Competence Development?

Impact on people?


3. Many companies hire consulting firms to complete long-term planning and examination. This process is considered essential to success. Play the role of a consultant and do some long-term planning for your life and priorities.

Write a personal Mission Statement.

What do you want to accomplish in life? Why do you exist?

I exist to__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Develop your personal Core Values.

What are the non-negotiables of your life?

What things hold such a priority for you that you would defend these values at a great cost?

Personal Core Values

The Power of One means focusing on the right priorities; the wrong ones—or none at all—put the golden touch in jeopardy.

A California industrialist addressed a group of executives at a leadership seminar some time ago…He offered a lot of helpful advice, but one concept in particular has stuck in my head: ‘There are two things that are the most difficult to get people to do: to think, and do things in the order of their importance.’ –Charles Swindoll

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