December 27, 1990


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Treating others better than they treat you is “next level” thinking. It is taking the Golden Rule to the extreme. There was an ancient king who lived out this kind of next-level thinking. King David, the second king of Israel, assumed the throne after a battle with King Saul that lasted several years. It was the custom of the day to kill off all of the former king’s relatives and allies upon assuming the throne to prevent any future claim or battle for power. Upon David’s ascension to power, Saul’s relatives were destroyed.

All except one: Mephibosheth. He was lame in both feet and had nothing to offer David. In fact, he had a claim to David’s throne as the only surviving relative of the former king. Mephibosheth was actually King David’s enemy, but King David chose not to kill him, nor did he enslave him or imprison him. David instead restored to Mephibosheth all of his family’s land. He gave him a place in the palace and a seat at the royal table for the rest of his days.

King David understood next-level thinking. He was fleshing out treating others better than they deserve to be treated. He exhibited the Power of One.

How can we begin to grasp this kind of perspective? How can we begin to live out next-level thinking? Two words will lead us: GIVE UP. That’s right, your eyes are not fooling you. Giving up is the key.

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