January 11, 1997

Taking Action

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How could a win-win result in the following scenarios?

A relationship between a buyer and a seller?

A relationship between a company and an employee?

A relationship between a husband and a wife?

A relationship between two competing companies?

2. What are some of the secondary benefits that result from a win-win for both parties?
(i.e. trust)

3. Name a relationship in which you could begin to use the Golden Rule to pursue win-win results. What actions would you take to accomplish this?

4. Have you met people who believe that in order for them to be winners, other people must lose? Have you ever worked for such a person? How did it make you feel and did you ever confront this person?

5. Look at each of the following situations and perform some Golden Analysis. How is there a possible win-win for each of these? Who wins, and how?

● When there is vigorous discussion all around the table during a strategic planning session—and everyone has his or her own points of view.

● When I smile at the janitor on my way out of the office after a long day at work.

● When a friend is honest with feedback regarding my loose actions toward a co-worker.

● When my company asks me to do something that I know is wrong and I refuse.

● When my boss gives me a performance evaluation for areas of improvement and I listen and choose to work on those areas.

● When a friend suggests a great book to read and I go on Amazon and buy it and read it.

“Always help people increase their own self-esteem. Develop your skill in making other people feel important. There is hardly a higher compliment you can pay an individual than helping him to be useful and to find satisfaction in his usefulness.”—Donald Laird

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