June 8, 1993

The Schizophrenic You: Use a Composite Score Card to Win

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“God gave me a message to deliver and a horse to ride. I rode the horse to death and can no longer deliver the message.” Robert Murray McCheyne, Presbyterian preacher, 1827

I want to tell you about a friend of mine. Maybe you know him.
Joe owns his own business. He works 60-70 hours a week, always setting the standard with his enthusiasm and leadership. His employees love him and regularly tell him how much he inspires them.
Joe gets up every morning at 5AM and exercises for 60 minutes. He also goes to the local wellness co-op to pick up his meals, which are prepared daily by a special nutritionist. He takes vitamins and supplements and his wife squeezes fresh juices for him daily. And, naturally, he only drinks purified store bought water—nothing but the healthy stuff for Joe.
At the breakfast table every morning Joe enjoys visiting with his wife and kids as they casually talk about what the upcoming day holds. He carefully seizes every teachable moment with his kids and never misses a chance to stir in wisdom from his heritage and life.
It is his responsibility and joy to drop the kids off at school everyday and at least once every two weeks he goes to school to eat with his kids. Joe promptly walks through the door every day at 5:00 PM at which time he changes clothes and immediately begins to play with his kids followed by fatherly assistance on each child’s homework. He is especially good at math, science, English, history, philosophy and all things computer.
Every night Joe spends quality time with each of his seven children before he tucks them into bed with home spun stories and prayers. He and Sally enjoy a date every Tuesday night without exception. And Sally has been known to tell her supper club that Joe is the most romantic, sexy man on the planet.
Every weekend is a family blowout: camping, hiking, a visit to the museum, even, clean up time at the house is an exciting adventure when Joe’s leading the way. The neighbors idolize Joe—and rightly so. Joe cuts his grass every weekend according to the groundskeeper’s manual for Augusta National golf course—his stripes are perfect. You will not find a better family man than Joe.
Joe and his family never miss church. He teaches a community group, is adult sponsor of a Jr. High cell group, on the finance committee and was recently asked to be an elder. Not a year has gone by in the last 25 years that Joe has not read the Bible completely through and not a Sunday goes by that Joe and his wife don’t have a special guest with them during the service.
Joe recently completed his commitment as chairmen of the local United Way campaign but has agreed to act as interim until they find an adequate replacement. No one else quite feels up to the job, especially since Joe set new records every single year. This last year they raised $2.7million. There are even rumors that he could be asked to join the National Committee, which he would obviously have to take. What an opportunity, how could he pass that up?
Joe might be the single most compassionate person in town. He visits the homeless woods every weekend taking food and necessities and at least once a month helps move an abandoned child into a local Safe Family.
Good ole, give-back, community Joe!
No one will ever accuse Joe of going too fast and pushing too hard. He ties his own flies and has a list of the top 100 spots in the world to hook a trophy trout. He has 27 down and 73 to go. He is an expert marksman, plays chess and is one salty golfer.
Furthermore, he keeps a stack of Saduko mags next to his bed for ‘productive relaxation’. Speaking of bed, if there is one guy that you can count on to get a good night’s sleep every night, it’s Joe—8-9 hours without fail. None of this coming to work every morning dragging! Joe is relaxed. There is no high blood pressure going to ever happen with easy going Joe.

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